Smoking and Hair Loss

Different studies that have been carried out, connect smoking and hair loss, though in an indirect way. There are still many people who smoke, and a great chunk of these don't pay much attention to their negative consequences.

Smoking is linked to coronary, and respiratory problems. It causes at least 12 types of cancer. The use of tobacco and its derivatives cause the dead of at least 7 million people each year.

As stated in, a smoker dies every six seconds. They say: "Don't become a replacement smoker. Tobacco companies need you to take their place".  

But that type of death is not instantly. The effect of nicotine and all the other toxins that come with smoking goes little by little damaging body organs, like lungs, heart, liver, throat and stomach, to name a few. No wonder some people call smoking: "suicide in slow motion."

Do you know that there are almost 250 different toxins in cigarette smoke? As you may know, the toxins that enter our body reflects in the hair. That is why in hair tests, doctors and other professionals can detect if you use drugs.

It happens that nicotine is a drug, and it can be detected in hair analysis as well, for up to three months, even if you stop using tobacco.

Nicotine and its metabolites, like cotinine and anabasine can also be detected in blood tests. Nicotine could be in the blood stream for up to three days, and cotinine for up to ten days.

Smoking can also cause you to have a tracheotomy. Yes, it can lead to a hole in your throat. To say nothing that you will also get a hole in your wallet. Just think about all the money someone can save in a year, only if quits smoking.    

If cancer, heart, and respiratory problems are not a sufficient dissuasive to stop smoking, then just to know that smoking and hair loss are related, would be enough, or at least I hope it will.

There are basically three ways that smoking can cause hair loss. Let's see the first one. 

How Smoking and Hair Loss are related to Poor Blood Circulation? 

Poor blood circulation is one of the reasons that smoking and hair loss are related. But, how? Because, in order to have healthy hair the hair follicles need minerals, nutrients, and oxygen, especially this latter.

It's like all of us. To keep us alive, we need minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, just to name a few. We need as well nutrients like vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fibers.

We can stand a long time without some food minerals and nutrients. In fact, it is known that some people have survived without food for up to 70 days, and without water for about three to eight days.

But what about oxygen? Can we spend a lot of time without that? Only for five to ten minutes. Well, the same goes for hair follicles. Think of each of them as people who need food, water and especially oxygen.

When a person smokes, he deprives the hair follicles of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we get from foods. Since smoking cut off the blood supply to the follicles, the smoker doesn't get water and oxygen as well. The result? The hair follicles begin to come weak, and some of them die.

We already covered the poor blood circulation as a factor that leads to hair loss. Let's move on to the second. The air pollution.

Air Pollution 

If you are in a closed room with at least one person smoking a cigarette, don't you think that this will damage your hair in any way? Smoking and hair loss are connected to the fact, that hair absorbs chemicals and poisons released by smoking.

Smoking has carcinogens and other types of poisons that are harmful to humans, as well as animals. What is the third cause of smoking and hair loss?

Smoking and Aging 

Smoking not only can cause cancer and pollutes your body, and the air, but accelerate the process of aging. According to different studies and researches, smoking produces "early graying" and causes damage to the hormones.

In addition to all mentioned above, smoking negatively affects your physical appearance. It alters the look of skin, teeth, and hair, among other things.

Hair color depends of a pigment called melanin. With aging, the hair follicles produce less melanin, and that leads to gray hair. In this case, the problem with smoking is that it accelerates the process of aging.

The same goes for the amount of hair. When hair falls out, it is less replaced by new hair as we age. Hair follicles produce less and less hair.   

You and I are well aware that our appearance is important. I personally don't know anyone who cares about their hair loss and doesn't worry about their physical appearance. Do you?      

It is clear that smoking can increase the risk of early graying. However, some researchers have discovered, that smokers who quit on time, were able to stop the increased pace of premature aging over time and return to normal.

So, it's up to you to reverse the damage that smoking can cause to you, the people, everything around you, and to your hair, before it is too late!