Female Hair Loss(Part 4)

What kind of natural hair loss treatment women might get? First things first. Let me tell you that, there is a great advantage to choose a natural treatment to fight your hair loss, rather than the conventional medications.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Since conventional products have various side effects, by the way, some of them quite undesirable. What would you think if I told you that some of those products can make you grow hair on parts of your body that you don't want?

Or maybe you could add up to 10, 15, or 20 more pounds to your waistline? And how about having a new collection of acne breakouts, even though you are no longer a teenager?

Well, that sounds scary, doesn't it? I don't necessarily mean the Halloween week-movie marathon. What I'm trying to say is that these are real consequences of drug side effects. But let me get something straight. If you opt for a conventional solution for hair loss, go ahead! It's your decision.

However, if what you want is a solution that focuses on your new hair, rather than dealing with medications side effects all the time, the same way as a firefighter puts out every fire that comes along, then it's time to read on.

If you check out a search engine, and enter the keywords: "Natural treatments for hair loss", you will see endless infusions, lotions, pills, and the list goes on and on. You may be wondering, where do I start? You are probably feeling baffled and even disappointed too.

What sorts of natural treatments you should look for? Oils… yep you read it well, oils. It could be the natural, or the essential ones.

Essential oils are the essence and fragrance of a natural plant, or product, obtained through a distillation process. Basically, they have the same attributes of the same plant or product from which it is derived.

I'm going to show you the list of natural oils, or essential oils that, as I said, are obtained from distillate. But keeping in mind that natural oils are always better than essential ones.

This is the list of oil treatments you could get for different kinds of hair problems:

            ·        almond oil

            ·        aloe vera

            ·        argan oil

            ·        black tea

            ·        castor oil

            ·        cedarwood oil

            ·        clary sage oil

            ·        coconut oil

            ·        chamomile oil

            ·        Emu Oil

            ·        fenugreek seeds

            ·        geranium oil

            ·        green tea

            ·        honey

            ·        horsetail plant oil

            ·        indian gooseberry oil

            ·        jojoba oil

            ·        lavender oil

            ·        lemongrass oil

            ·        lime seeds

            ·        mustard oil

            ·        myrrh oil

            ·        omega 3 fatty acids

            ·        olive oil

            ·        onion juice

            ·        peppermint oil

            ·        rosemary oil

            ·        sage oil

            ·        tea tree oil

            ·        thyme oil

            ·        ylang-ylang oil

These natural products achieve different benefits regarding your hair. Of course, some are for hair growth, there are those that fight dandruff and other scalp conditions, and still others that stimulate circulation to the hair follicles, to say the say the least of the benefits.

Weight Loss and Hair Loss

One of the reasons why your hair goes into a stage of loss would be crash diets or diets to lose weight quickly. Not only does it accelerate telogen effluvium, but it also causes hair loss, because they impact the body with such a sudden change. So if you don't want to lose your hair, stay away from those crash diets.

Stressed WomanStressed Woman

Hair Loss from Stress 

Both emotional and physical stress can cause hair loss. Therefore, a great way to tame hair loss is to find techniques to minimize stress. For more information on stress hair loss and 10 ideas you can perform to combat stress and anxiety, click here.

Medications Causing Hair Loss

Some medications attack scalp, unleashing an alteration of the normal hair cycle, inducing the telogen effluvium, and causing hair loss as a result. You can read here a complete article on the Telogen Effluvium and all regarding that matter.

There are more medications that cause hair loss than you might imagine. Perhaps, when the doctor first prescribed the drug, he did not inform you of all the risks involved.

The more we take the prescription, the more our hair falls out. Therefore, we are going to see medications for different conditions, in which among the side effects is hair loss. To see a list of these, go to the article: Hair Loss Due to Medication.

Well, there you have it. Another article with lots of information. Maybe more than we can assimilate in a single day. But, as we continue to consider more information, we will increasingly understand how to deal with the problem of hair loss.

Master your Hair Loss, whether you are a man, a woman or a child. If you are a woman, so that you can feel proud to wear your crown again, because beautiful hair is a woman's crown of glory.