Common Hair Loss Causes

Six common hair loss causes up, six down. The first three of the article are the causes behind hair loss, the following three are common causes of hair loss, there are three left, and those are the ones you will see now.

You're probably wondering who the one in the photo is. It is nothing more and nothing less than the American actor Humphrey Bogart. You're probably wondering who the one in the photo is.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the American actor Humphrey Bogart. He starred in one of the best films in history, Casablanca, from 1942. What does Humphrey Bogart have to do with the common hair loss causes? We will see later.

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One of the common causes could be in different places in the house, but the area that it is almost certain to appear is in the bathroom. What is this cause? One of the more common causes could be in different places in the house, but the area in which it will almost certainly appear is, in the bathroom. Which one?

Medications Causing Hair Loss

When you go to the doctor, you go with the assurance that this will solve your health problem. Unfortunately, some prescription medications cause hair loss as a side effect. Sometimes the remedy is worse than the cure.

People at higher risk of hair loss from drugs take chemotherapy drugs for cancer. According to Medical News Today, chemotherapy drugs may be the best example of drug-induced alopecia.

The side effects of this type of treatment are hair loss, either on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes or all over the body.

The degree of hair loss depends on the type of drug, the dose, and the person's sensitivity. Some of these medications interrupt the natural cycle of hair growth.

Telogen is the hair growth phase where drugs do the most damage. It is the most common and occurs two to four months after taking the medication.

This disorder causes the hair follicles to enter the resting phase prematurely. It unleashes the exogenous, which is the detachment phase, to happen too soon, like a domino effect.

People with this condition lose between 30 and 70 percent more than what they would lose under normal conditions, that is, without medications that cause hair loss. It would be between 100 and 150 hairs in a day. The main factor of these drugs is that they alter the natural cycle of the hair or trigger telogen effluvium prematurely. To see the problems that trigger telogen effluvium, click here.

So, on the one hand, the drugs fix some problems in your body, and on the other, they cause your hair to fall out.

Your doctor may not list hair loss as one of the possible side effects of a specific medication. That is why it is so important not to forget to do your research. Try to get the drug leaflet from the pharmacist before buying the prescription and read it carefully.

However, the good news is that when many of these medications stop, they cause hair to return to normal over time. It is up to you to talk to your doctor to see if the prescribed medication does not cause hair loss.

Yes, medications are one of the common hair loss causes, and they are a severe threat. For a list of drugs that cause hair loss, go to hair loss due to medication.

Hair Loss and Stress

Hair loss is related to stress. It can occur either due to a very stressful physical or emotional event such as a divorce, the death of a loved one, an injury, illness, surgery, or even severe financial problems.

In other words, you can experience stress every time you have a change in life. Hair loss can occur between 6 weeks to 3 months since the incident.

If you are in constant fear of losing your hair, you may, in the end losing it. One of the worst enemies of hair loss is anxiety. And anxiety is directly connected to stress.

For instance, the actor Humphrey Bogart mentioned above. A famous actor in the 1940s and 1950s and suffered from alopecia. In private, he could be with nothing on his head. However, he never appeared in a movie without a wig.

His wife, actress Lauren Bacall, said he noticed a space on his cheek with no beard-growing. His hair began to look lighter, and the following day, he would find strands on his pillow. That alarmed him. She said it was one thing to be bald with a lock of hair: but an actor can always wear a hairpiece. It just had to be a wig without bangs.

The more hair fell out, the more nervous he became. The more anxious he got, the more hair fell out. It was like a vicious circle.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren BacallHumphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

In the last scene of the movie Dark Passage, he wears a wig. He was terrified: his way of making a living was hanging by a thread. Bogart had to see a specialist doctor. When he saw it, the diagnosis was: alopecia areata.

If you think about it a lot, more hair falls out. Without a doubt, stress is one of the most common hair loss causes.

There are two types of stress:

·        Emotional Stress

·        Physical Stress

You can see the list of 10 ideas that you can perform to combat stress if you go to Hair Loss from Stress.   

Traction Alopecia

Why is traction alopecia one of the most common hair loss causes? Because certain hairstyles, such as braids, pigtails, and ponytails, cause stiffness or application of force and pull the hair to the point that it can no longer hold it and therefore begins to fall out. 

What would happen if you carried heavy suitcases at the airport for a long time? Sooner or later, you do not have the strength to hold them so that you can rest.

The same goes for traction alopecia. A ponytail or a braid pulls for so long that the moment comes when the follicles let go of the hair because they cannot hold it any longer.

How many Common Hair Loss Causes exists?

If you haven't read the previous two articles, you probably wonder how many common hair loss causes exist.

In total, there are nine. If you want to see the first three, you can access these from this link, and if you want to know which ones are the following, you can click here. You just read the last article in the series.

For a more detailed explanation of these nine common causes, go to Causes of Hair Loss. There, you will see how many causes there are within each common cause.