Master your Hair Loss

Hair Loss Help for All Family Members 

Hair loss is a problem that affects many men, women, and even children. If you, or someone you love, suffers from this condition, you may very well have felt frustration, embarrassment, anger, and a good dose of low self-esteem.

I know how frustrating it is, because I have suffered from that same condition since I was 28 years old. I've been there.

Anyone can Cope with Hair Loss

This is a condition that seems to have no solution, and it's true that there's no an Abracadabra solution. Not every people can achieve the results they want, but they can improve their scalp, have more hair, or more thicker, as long as they follow the suggested recommendations with each passing month.

Hair loss can be compared to a tenant who rents a house or apartment. Only, instead of paying, it is one that drains and absorbs your resources little by little. Resources for which you have worked very hard.

Even children can be affected by this condition. I know... they're too young to have a tenant themselves.

But just as you need to take action with a tenant who doesn't pay, you should also take action to deal with the problem of hair loss. In this way, this condition will not continue to exhaust your resources.

My Commitment

As I know how embarrassing it is, I am committed to helping all those who are going through the same situation that I have been through.

This site will grow from that commitment. It will help you discover the following topics:

  •  what are the causes for losing hair
  •  how can you stop and reverse thinning hair  
  •  what kind of treatments are available for men, women and children as well
  •  how can you stop the loss of hair
  •  make your hair grow and regrow
  •  which products are really effective
  •  what vitamins and oils produce the best results

The Solution Could be Closer than you Imagine

The idea of this site is to help you deal with the condition of hair loss or thinning, in order to find answers to its real causes, and be sure that alternatives exist to counteract the problem.

Of course, there are many solutions out there from the conventional medicine. This is the part of medicine in which your doctor sees you in, examines you, diagnoses a condition, and ends up giving you a prescription.

Now the question is, what are the consequences or side effects of using those drugs?

The other side of the coin is natural solutions, have you ever thought about finding and trying a natural solution?

This is an alternative that can give you the same results, or better ones than conventional medicine, but without the risks of side effects.

Which is Better, Conventional or Natural?

I am not criticizing conventional doctors here. In fact, several of them are my friends. What I am saying is that sometimes a natural solution gives better results.

For instance, my dad went to a doctor, who told him, after a series of studies and tests, that his liver was intoxicated. He asked him what he had to do to detoxify.

He was shocked by the answer. "Nothing could be done at all". Conventional medicine did not have the answer. 

However, my dad didn't give up and asked someone who knew about natural products.

To his relief they said yes, and they told him to take 5 natural products, in a form of tea in order to detoxify the liver, namely:

      ·        Papaya Leaf

      ·        Sarsaparilla

      ·        Dandelion

      ·        Red Clover

      ·        Red Raspberry

When my dad took that for a month, and went back to the doctor, now he was the one in shock. The five natural ingredients detoxified my dad's liver.

That's just to illustrate the point that natural medicine sometimes goes where conventional medicine can't. So don't be too quick to rule out natural solutions in the case of hair loss.

I will be constantly striving to let you know what are the options to counteract hair loss, especially natural solutions.

The goal here is that you recover your hair, and once you do, it will finally look more and more lustrous and vibrant.

But, watch out! At this very moment your bad tenant is by your side, in front of your monitor. Or, should I say…on top of your head?

So, will you continue to let that condition you have up there keep dominating you? Or, on the contrary, will you master your hair loss?

Third Generation Family with No Hair LossThird Generation Family with No Hair Loss